A visit to Stitch Sew Shop in the heart of old town, Alexandria

Stitch Sew Shop is a sanctuary for the modern maker; a space to gather, a space to learn and to be inspired, a space in which to be part of a community.

-Stitch Sew Shop

I’ve been meaning to visit Stitch Sew Shop ever since they opened. Though I have been really lazy thinking that it’s in Alexandria, where you’ll definitely hit bad traffic and it’s an hour away from my house. The driving hinders me from going there. But recently I drag my husband to finally visit this shop and I’m extremely happy I did.

The outside of shop is really enticing. It draws you into the space!

I love that the shop have a big picture window that they decorate with a mannequin that wears different outfits every season.

The shop is small compared to chain stores like Joanns Fabric but this store has a lot to offer.

As soon as I stepped inside the shop, it drew me into a trance where I was lost for hours. The shop itself gave me the aura of a high end retail sewing shop. It had a big gold mirror beside a long ottoman just like what most high end retail shop. (This is what you would expect in Alexandria in Northern VA)

For the next hours I wandered through out the shop discovering new possibilities for my future projects. I was amazed how many patterns they carried. Some of the patterns I even hadn’t heard of before. This was my first time visiting the shop and it took me probably an hour and a half just looking and wandering around. My husband even gave up and left me and went to find a bar! (yep, men!!!!)

What does Stitch Sew Shop offer:

Patterns from around the world.

I love that Stitch Sew Shop has tons of sewing patterns that typically you can only get online. Here are the lists of patterns they currently carry in store:

  • 100 Acts of Sewing
  • A Verb for Keeping Warm
  • Allie Olson
  • Bird Stalk Patterns for Stitch Sew Shop
  • Blueprints Patterns
  • By Annie
  • Cali Faye
  • Cashmerette
  • Closet Case
  • Cozy Nest
  • Deer and Doe
  • Fancy Tiger Crafts
  • Friday Pattern Co
  • Grainline Studios
  • How To Do Fashion
  • I Am Patterns
  • In The Folds
  • Klum House Patterns
  • Liesl & Co
  • Made by Rae
  • Megan Nielsen
  • Merchant & Mills
  • Named
  • Noodlehead
  • Oliver + S
  • Papercut
  • Sew Demented
  • Sew House Seven
  • Sew Liberated
  • Sew Over It London
  • Sewaholic
  • Sometimes Sewing
  • Sophie Hines
  • Straight Stitch Designs
  • The Assembly Line
  • The Avid Seamstress
  • Thread Theory
  • True Bias
  • Wiksten


Yes, my favorite topic!!! I admit, one of my guilty pleasures is buying fabrics! My husband would agree too. You can never have enough fabric, right??? Anyways, One of the reasons why you really need to visit this Shop is their fabrics! They don’t have a big selection like Joanns Fabric, but they carry quality designer fabrics such as amazing Italian linens, fabrics from Liberty of London, beautiful silk and viscose from France and many more. So expect that you’ll spend probably out of your budget.

Notions and other sewing related stuff….

As for notions, they carry mostly apparel needs such as zippers, threads, scissors etc. Aside from notions they also carry sewing and hand embroidery books.

…..and they have an incredible embroidery wall!!!

Of course, the sewing shop wouldn’t be complete without sewing classes! When I visited this place, there’s a class/workshop going on. I believed that you can even rent a sewing machine for personal use. Information of their classes is online. Go check them out!

Unfortunately they don’t have an online store, but they take over the phone orders, so if you forgot something you can just call them. So definitely stop by and say hello to the stitchers??? You won’t be disappointed!!!

If you’re planning to visit this shop, I’d say stay for a day. Lots to see in the old town, Alexandria! Have Fun!

I hope you enjoy this blog! Till’ next time! 🙂


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