my edgewater ave carter onesie swimsuit

I actually made this swimsuit early this summer, so it feels a little delayed blogging about it now that summer is almost over! I really can’t believe that fall is fast approaching. I am still enjoying the nice weather, getting all the vitamin sea I needed and the super easy styling season. Ahhhh! summer……

Anyway, I have been away too long from blogging, and I miss this space so much! I was super overwhelmed with my full time job, with sewing, my instagram, being a cat mom, and learning a new hobby —- I am now officially a skater babe!

I got this gif idea from @moderdaymaker.

Let’s get back to business…..

For reference my measurements are bust 32″, waist 24″, hips 33.5″. I cut size XS.

Fabric is from Fabric styles UK, they have a wide range of amazing spandex/ scuba fabrics to choose from. I bought the Dalmatian polka dot in brown and lining fabric is from Joanns

First, let’s talk about the fabric. It really is important that you choose the right fabric for your project. If you read Gen’s blog about how to choose the right fabric from the Collectivegen she said:

“Fabric. The heart and soul of any sewing project, it can make or break you (and your new item).

Yassss girl! That is really true, Based on my experience I have had unworn projects that I sewed when I was just starting out. So I really advise to choose fabric wisely. Okay, enough of that, I talked about the importance of using the right fabric for the project because the pattern suggested to use a fabric that has a lot of stretch to it. The fabric I bought only had 5% elastane. It has more stretch horizontally and less stretch vertically. It wasn’t as stretchy as I expected it to be but the fabric is so cute so I had to make it work. This means a lot of work for me!!!!

I got this gif idea from @moderdaymaker.

Adjustments: Since the fabric has more stretch horizontally, I added 2 inches to the back and 1.5 inches to the lower front of the swimsuit so that it would not be tight.

Let’s talk about the bikini line / gusset of the swimsuit. So I thought the only adjustment I had to do was adding a few inches to the back and lower front but when I tried on my swimsuit I didn’t like that the gusset was super wide (see image below). I do not like it bunched up towards my bikini line so I seam ripped it open and took 1 inch and tried it again but still not liking the fit, On my second adjustment I took another 1 inch just because I wanted it to be smooth. Basically it was trial and error to get the bikini line to my liking. And lastly, I lengthen the straps about 2 inches or else my p*** would have been suffering from lack of blood flow because of tightness.

For most of the construction I used my Babylock triumph serger ( the best purchased I have ever made) but you can also use a regular sewing machine. Just make sure that you use the needle intended for stretchy fabric. Working with stretchy fabric I used the maxi-lock stretch thread. I think this thread helps with the durability of the finished garment. I also didn’t use the special swimwear elastic. I just couldn’t find it anywhere so I used the conventional elastic 1/4″ wide and it worked perfectly fine.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy the process but I love the end result. Would I sew this again? Yes, but I would use the suggested fabric.

I recommend watching their tutorial first before jumping into sewing the actual swimsuit so you’ll know what to expect:

*Please note that I do not own the copy right of this video. This video is from Edgewater Ave website.

Thank you so much fo taking the time to read this post, I’ll see you on my next blog (hopefully, not too long).


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