About Me

Hi I’m Ruby. Welcome to my crazy sewing world. I am so glad you have joined me here!

Who am I? Well, I’m an introvert sewist, I love anything craftsy, I’m a fashion enthusiast, and I’m an animal lover. I also love recycling existing pieces of clothing and remodeling them into something new!

Why did I start sewing?

It all started when most store bought clothes wouldn’t fit me well being a petite woman. It was either too big or too long. I really just want to learn how to sew mainly to alter the clothes I bought from the store. But the more I sew, it quickly turned into deep appreciation and became a love to make things. Then my interests in sewing evolved into making my own wardrobe. Where my clothes can be different and unique from the store brought clothing. Sewing my own clothes is also extremely rewarding and provides me with great deal of confidence. I have been sewing since 2016, and I am still discovering and learning things about sewing. If you think I have mastered sewing already, NOPE! As a matter of fact, I still consider myself as a novice sewist. I still make a lot of mistakes which I learned from and do things correctly.  Sewing isn’t rocket science, you have to continuously do it and apply what you’d learned along the way.

Why did I start this blog?

I started this blog  mainly to express myself and to share my progress and passion for sewing! and of course to get suggestions and share ideas and inspirations.

I hope you enjoy this blog! Please feel free to share suggestions and opinions.

Let’s learn from each other and most importantly have fun! 🙂

Don’t be a stranger! Follow me on instagram @seamandstyle 🙂