Cheetah Satin Mini Slip Dress

Slip dresses are stunning addition to your wardrobe and very easy to dress up and down. It has been popular in the 90’s and became an essential piece to women’s wardrobe!

I myself was dying to have one!

A simple piece that goes a long way.

I have seen lots of slip dresses online and in store, but most of the nice ones either doesn’t have my size or are too expensive. Well, if you are like me, who have a cheapskate husband! who doesn’t want you to spend your money on expensive clothing! then you opt to just make your own. (I hope my husband doesn’t read this!) 😀

Making your own really gives you the freedom to customize the way you want it to look. I made mine in cheetah print fabric because I’ve always wanted to be a cheetah girl. And this made me closer to my dreams (hahaha!). I used a satin fabric that I bought from

There are so many ways to make this slip dress, if you’re a person that likes to sew using patterns like myself, you can find lots of patterns online, or at the fabric stores like Joanns. I used Vogue 9015 Pattern Version D. (I got mine for $1.99 at Joanns Fabric)

Here are a few of the slip patterns I found online that you could also use.

  1. Sadie Slip Dress
  2. Simplicity Pattern 8413 Misses’ Slip Dress in Two Lengths
  3. Cami/ Dress Pattern

and I’m sure there are lots more…

Sewing this dress was easy and fast. It only took me an hour and a half including cutting the pattern and the fabric.

Since I am not really a fan of long dresses, I made my version shorter, I also did not bother adding the lace and the bows as per pattern instruction. I really just want to have a simple satin mini dress that I can wear over a turtle neck top on the colder weather and wear it over a simple white short sleeve shirt on the summer.

Here are some pictures that my husband took of me in this dress.

Please let me know of what you think in the comment section.



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